Problem Statement

The client needed to explore the inter dependency of various global parameters like GDP, Import-Export, Stock, Industry Population, CPI etc. of various countries.


  1. We created interactive and dynamic plots.
  2. Each graph would contain Multiple Filters so that user can customize the plots  according to his needs in real-time.
  3. 40 Excel Files had been interlinked to achieve the desired visualizations.
  4. A correlation matrix was made which helped to find the dependency of a file(like GDP,CPI-Index,Import-Export,etc.) with remaining 39 files. (This means that file which contained GDP parameter was compared with the file that contained the Import-Export parameter,CPI-Index Parameter, Stock Market parameters etc.)
  5. On the correlation score and common sense we had plotted graphs between various parameters such as how the export-import were affected when the stock  market rose/crashed , how CPI- would affect the industrial population.

Technologies Used

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