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Business intelligence reporting is the process of gathering data to extract relevant insights. Suggestions and observations about business trends, empowering decision-makers to act.

BI Dashboard and Reports

We pride ourselves in creating Intuitive-Insightful and Iconic Dashboards.Here are some of the sample dashboards.
Use Cases

BI Dashboard Use Case

Overall the sales have increased 2x from May 2018 to March 2020.However there is a different picture underneath like

  • Only 20% of the products are contributing to 80% of sales,
  • Majorly 5 cities out of 45 cities, bring >78% Sales.
  • The Months of December to January contribute to 75% of total sales.

So these stats point out that, if the focus is made on selling those high selling 20% products in these 5 cities, there can be a huge increase in revenue and profits.


IDeepeners Edge

We know there are multitude of things happening in your business.  Therefore we tailor our business intelligence services, specifically designed to fit your set of requirements.

Our services help to take insights from the past, monitor your present as well as prepare for future events.


Take a deep dive into past data. Analyze it thoroughly and find valuable insight from it. All the historic trends and patterns will be reflected


Greater understanding of present data and get live reports on dashboards which help in monitoring live activities like employee tasks, projects, goals, accounts, orders etc.


Formulate your future goals with better understanding and always remain ahead of your competitors which will help you make most accurate predictions.

Benefits of IDeepeners BI Services

Valuable business insights

Gauge employee productivity, revenue, overall success. It can uncover strengths and weaknesses. Our BI Dashboard helps organizations understand what’s working and what isn’t.

Increased customer satisfaction

It can help your company understand customer behaviors and patterns. As your company takes customer feedback in real time and this information can help businesses retain customers and reach new ones.

Increased operational efficiency

BI Dashboards unify multiple data sources, which helps the overall organization as it compiles all the data. Employees spend less time tracking down information and can focus on producing accurate and timely reports

Improved, accurate decisions

We can leverage existing data to deliver information to the right stakeholders at the right time, optimizing time-to-decision. As we know competitors move quickly and it’s important for us to make decisions as quickly as possible.

Increased revenue

When you start listening to their customers, watching their competitors, and improving their operations, revenue is more likely to increase. Data from our BI tools can help businesses ask better questions, making comparisons across different dimensions and identifying sales weaknesses.

Time Saving

As the data we get through analysis is completely researched and with the help of that data decisions become even more faster than ever. Faster decisions lead to a great time saving and it will make employees even more effective and efficient.

What do we Deliver ?


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