Supply-chain Management Dashboard

supply chain dashboard

Effective supply chain management enables enterprises to track the movement of the raw materials needed to create products, optimize inventory levels to reduce costs, and synchronize supply with customer demand. And this is where  a supply-chain BI Dashboard can prove to of great help.

A SC dashboard presents you with a unified view of tracking manufacturing input and output while monitoring your organization’s budget and actual.


Easy. Simple. To-the-point.

These will be the words that will start to pour inside your head once you integrate a supply-chain dashboard in your daily working culture.

At-a-Glance View

Provide “at-a-glance view” of key performance indicators relevant to your company’s supply chain management.

Minimizes distractions

Cutting out unnecessary details, it helps supply chain mangers to sort-out all meaning full information from irrelevant data

Insights in real-time

Provides insights in an interactive and intuitive manner that too in real-time, helping managers to come up with data backed resource optimization strategies

Gauge performances real quick

Help gauge performing and non-performing factors like inventory, transportation, labour in no time


Our multi –page Supply-chain BI dashboard comprises of:

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