QlikView Dashboard



Qlik View is a desktop based, web deployed ,Business Intelligence (BI) data discovery product for creating guided analytics applications and dashboards tailor-made for business challenges

QlikView helps you discover deeper insights by building your own rich, guided analytics applications with a flexible, business-ready solution.

Key Features

Dynamic BI ecosystem

QlikView helps users compile data from various sources into one application and interprets this information into easy-to-understand graphs

Natural Language Query Search

QlikView helps you search your data with natural language search, i.e. English

Advanced Reporting templates

Templates allow you to create applications quickly and easily that look modern and professional. 

Mobile- ready

QlikView runs smoothly on your mobile and tablets, so you can stay connected with all your company’s dynamics anytime

Windows, iPhone/iPad, Mac

QlikView runs seamlessly on all the above  both platforms. So OS is a no issue


Suits All-level Enterprises

Small ,Large , or Medium Business. QlikView supports and fulfills all your needs

Secure working environment

QlikView ensure total control of data access, management, and permissions.

Consistent reporting

Packed with appealing templates, QlikView builds accurate reports, which can later on be distributed as Microsoft Office document, or printed directly from the platform.

Secure, real-time collaboration

Real-time collaborations help you monitor changes as they happen,anytime, a anywhere

Data bases

And many more to choose from

Leaders Choice

World Leaders use QlikView when it come to data visualization

Looking for a QlikView dashboard for your company?