KlipFolio Dashboard



Klipfolio is a data analytics cloud app for building and sharing real-time business dashboards and reports on web browsers, TV monitors and mobile devices. 

Klipfolio  allows you to interact directly with your data using visual data discovery. Helping  spot trends, and figure out how your business is performing.


Key Features

Applied actions

Use context menus to apply common reporting actions like grouping, filtering, aggregating, and sorting.

Sophisticated formulas

Klipfolio provides tools you need to execute complex formulas to solve challenging data problems.

Share reports via Slack, email snapshots, and links

Send report Klips or entire dashboards via Slack, setup manual or recurring email snapshots, and share links to your live analytical insights.

TV dashboard display

Show-off your visualizations on your office TVs. Looks super cool

Pre-built templates

Choose from 100s of pre-built content that can be configured in minutes.


Choose from over 500 data sources

Klipfolio is connected to over 500 data sources, including web-based services such as Google Analytics, social media platforms

Trends indicators

Use the Indicators panel to change the color of values, the background color of table cells, assign display icons, change text style,

Scheduled email reporting

You can set the frequency, the specific day, and send time for scheduled email reports.

Monitor ROI in real-time

Klipfolio dashboard enables you to follow your campaign, in real-time, every minute of the day

Data bases

And many more to choose from

Leaders Choice

World Leaders use Klipfolio when it come to data visualization

Looking for a Klipfolio dashboard for your company?