Google Data Studio Dashboard



Google Data Studio is cloud-based, free, data visualization and reporting tool that connects to many different data sources, and turns that data into informative dashboards and reports that are easy to understand and share, and are fully customizable.

Data Studio lets you connect with all Google services like Google 360,Google Ads, Google Analytics,Search Ads 360, etc, in just a single click

Key Features

Wide range of Data connectors

Data studio has 17 in-house and around 108 third party data connectors to choose from

Easy-to-use functions

Data Studio provides dozens of mathematical, string, date, and other functions to transform your data into more useful values.

Variety of Shapes, Images, and Text

Data studio lets you add shapes, images, and text to your reports and dashboards to make them easier to read

Permissions levels

Leveraging Google Drive technology, you can easily manage all of your users and their level of access

 Data Blending, now a reality

Data studio lets you add data from multiple sources to let you have a comparative view of them at once


It’s Free….and unlimited

That’s a big plus. You can make and share as many reports as you wish with Data Studio, with spending a single penny.

Build what’s beautiful

Data studio provides you with a blank, white canvas, from where you can start adding element that you need with its intuitive drag and drop feature.

Real-time and Interactive collaboration

Invite friends or peers to work with you on reports and visualizations. You can see edits as they happen

Data bases

And many more to choose from

Leaders Choice

World Leaders use Google Data Studio when it come to data visualization

Looking for a Google Data Studio dashboard for your company?