Custom Web-Developed Dashboard

custom web dashboard


A web-developed data visualization dashboard is one that is develop using HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and other web technologies to help you visualize your company’s, or business, data in a graphical and interactive manner.

Dashboards made using web-technologies don’t need any other premium platforms. You only need a web-browser, like Chrome or Firefox, to use them

Key Features

Natural Language Q&A

One of the most powerful feature of Power BI, Q&A lets you explore your data using intuitive, natural language(English) capabilities and receive answers in the form of charts and graphs.

Dashboard Printing

Power BI lets you print an entire dashboard, a dashboard tile, a report page, or a report visual from Power BI service which can be handy in board meetings and discussions.

 Custom Visualizations

Created by developers, using the custom visuals SDK, there are many different types of pre-packaged visuals available for you to use, when creating or editing a Power BI report.

 Automatically search data sets for hidden insights

If you have a new data set and you don’t really know where to start,

Then the “Quick insight” feature of Power BI will generate for you interesting interactive visualizations based on your data

Easy integration  with Microsoft products

Power BI has been engineered so it can be easily used with Excel, Office 365, Azure, and SQL Server.  If you have been using MS-Excel, you will find using Power BI much easier as both can be used together with much ease.

 Power BI Mobile

BI mobile enables you to view your reports in real-time on your tablets or smartphones. This ensures you are always connected to the data that matters to you.


All the Customization You Want

As web-based dashboards are developed by web based technologies, the only limit with what features you wish to use is your imagination

Data Base-No Worry

From simple and free-to-use MySQL, to prosperity ones like Amazon RDS and Azure. With web-dashboard, you are free to choose and explore your options

No ISP Required

That's a big plus if you don't wish to spend big bucks over costly, and sometimes slow, data service providers

Use. Re-use. Collaborate.

No monthly premiums. No renewal fees. And no charges even if you wish your entire team, or company, to join you on web-dashboard

Your Desktop/Laptop is All You Need

With web-based dashboards, the only system you need is your desktop, or laptop. With a web browser, like Firefox or Chrome.

Data bases

And many more to choose from

Looking for a Custom Web-based dashboard for your company?

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