Sales Dashboard


The sales team is imperative in assisting in the growth of the company, through converting leads into customers and increasing the customer base. They play a vital role within every organization. So it only makes sense if you have the right tool that could save your sales team time, while keeping you up-to-date with their every action.

Sales dashboard puts critical information about sales – calls, close rates, etc.,  into an easy-to-understand graphic format


Easy. Simple. To-the-point.

These will be the words that will start to pour inside your head once you integrate a sales dashboard in your daily working culture.

At-a-Glance View

Provides “at-a-glance view “of key performance indicators relevant to a sales process and sales teams.

Minimizes distractions

Dashboard cut or minimize distractions.Thus cutting any need for sales managers to sort out meaning full information from irrelevant heaps of data.

Insights in real-time

Provides insights with an interactive and intuitive manner that too in real-time, helping sales managers to come up with data backed decisions.

Gauge performances real quick

Help gauge performing and non-performing factors, like dead leads, slow teams, fruitful localities in no time


Our multi –page Sales BI dashboard comprises of:

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