Marketing Dashboard

marketing dashboard

Every marketing team faces challenges like generating quality leads, exponential growth at the top of the funnel and a high conversion rate from lead to sales opportunities. And such challenges can be easily tackled by marketing dashboards.

Marketing dashboard provide you with an instant access to data.

Being able to see your data the moment it’s generated is very powerful and allows marketers to update campaigns in real-time.


Easy. Simple. To-the-point.

These will be the words that will start to pour inside your head once you integrate a marketing dashboard in your daily working culture.

At-a-Glance View

Provides “at-a-glance view “of key performance indicators relevant to your marketing processes and campaigns

Minimizes distractions

Ideal dashboards minimize distractions. Thus cutting any need for marketing managers to unnecessary look for meaning full information from heaps of data.

Insights in real-time

Provides insights with an interactive and intuitive manner that too in real-time, helping marketing executives to come up with data backed decisions strategies and campaigns

Gauge performances real quick

Helps gauge performing and non-performing factors like leads, employs, campaigns in no-time


Our multi –page Marketing BI dashboard comprises of:

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