Finance Dashboard

finance dashboard

When you’re already crunched for time, deciding which KPIs and data points tell the best story can be difficult. You also have to build different versions for your different groups of stakeholders. When it comes down to it, you don’t have the time or brainpower given the rest of the work you’re doing. You need an active planning process that meets three criteria. It has to be:

1. Collaborative,

2. Comprehensive, and

3. Continuous

 And that’s when a Finance KPI dashboard comes in handy.


Easy. Simple. To-the-point.

These will be the words that will start to pour inside your head once you integrate a finance dashboard in your daily working culture.

At-a-glance view

Provides “at-a-glance view” of key performance indicators relevant to your company’s finances, and other departments related to it in a single touch

See only what's necessary

Cutting out unnecessary details, it helps finance mangers to sort-out all meaning full information from business process irrelevant data

Insights in real-time, at anytime

Provides insights in an interactive and intuitive manner that too in real-time, helping managers to come up with data backed decisions at any time needed

Gauge performances real quick

Gauge all the performing and non-performing factors of your company, or departments, in no-time


Our multi –page Finance BI dashboard comprises of:

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