Executive Dashboard

executive dashboard

An Executive Dashboard is an interactive and intuitive visual reporting tool that gives CEOs an at-a-glance visibility into business performance across all units and projects. Sometimes also called as “Strategic Dashboard”, it is intended to give executives a holistic overview of the enterprise and how it is performing against established KPIs.

The goal of an Executive dashboard is to deliver up-to-date and real-time data so executives can make data-driven decisions whenever needed


Easy. Simple. To-the-point.

These will be the words that will start to pour inside your head once you integrate an executive dashboard in your daily working culture.

Customizable interface

An executive dashboard has a customizable interface, so it can be configured by executives based on usability preferences

Data and decisions in real-time

Executive dashboards deliver graphical representations of critical business data and insights in real-time. So there is minimum to no gap in events and decision making

End to data duplication

Intelligent executive dashboard save you’re the hassle of going through sheets and disks of, as they do it themselves. Preventing any chance of passing any duplicated data entry

Track trends in no time

Effectively identify, track, trend, and correct problems as you evaluate the health of key areas of your organization


Our multi –page Finance BI dashboard comprises of:

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